the APF27: a perfect processor board for embedded Linux systems


The APF27 is a reduced size processor board benefiting from a highly competitive price/performance ratio.

Fitted with a 400MHz i.MX27 processor, 64 MB to 256 MB DDR mobile RAM, 256 MB to 512 MB FLASH, a 10/100Mbits Ethernet port and a (200K gate) Spartan 3A FPGA, it is easily integrated into an embedded system thanks notably to its regulators and level converters (RS232/USB).

Note: no external debugger (BDI, JTAG) is required. A simple RS232 connection is enough for "low-cost" development. A Linux debugger is available (GDB).

Armadeus systems provides a complete Linux distribution (Click here for more details). All the development tools are already included.


  • Freescale 400MHz i.MX27 or i.MX27L (*) processor (ARM926 with 16KB I and D cache)


  • 64/128 (default) to 256 MB (*) 32bits Mobile DDR


  • 256 (default) to 512 MB (*) 16bits Mobile NAND


  • from 2kbits (default) to 512kbits (*) (I2C serial)


  • 6 x RS232
  • 2 x I2C
  • 3 x SPI
  • 2 x SSI (High speed synchronous serial port)
  • 1 x USB OTG Hi-Speed host
  • 1 x USB Host (Hi-Speed)
  • 1 x USB Host (Full-Speed)
  • 1 x 10/100Mbits Ethernet MAC
  • 2 x SD/MMC
  • 1 x RTC (no battery)
  • 1 x PWM 16bits resolution
  • 6 x Timer 32 bits with input capture/output compare
  • 1 x adjustable Watchdog
  • 1 x Keypad (supports up to an 8 x 8 external key pad matrix).
  • 1 x LCD controller STN / TFT interface
    resolution up to 800 x 600 px, 18 bits
  • 1 x MPEG/H.264 codec (i.MX27 only)
  • 1 x CSI (CMOS sensor interface)
  • Up to 107 total I/O pins multiplexed with most dedicated functions for pin efficiency (GPIO)
  • JTAG (Debug (ICE) and test)


  • RS232 (2 ports, RX/TX)
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbits autoMDX


  • Xilinx Spartan 3A with 200k gates (50k FPGA or 400k FPGA optional)
  • Up to 15 differential pairs, or 32 high output current or 62 GPIOs

Power supply

  • +3.3V supply 5%.
  • Power saving modes - down to 1.1mA @ 3.3V current consumption in sleep mode


  • Cooling : None for temperature below 60°C (1).
  • Operating temperature range: -20..75°C (1)
  • Storage temperature range: -20..85°C
  • Humidity 5-90%

    (1): FPGA not taken into account. Depending on IP used, cooling can be required and max temperature can be decreased.

Mechanical Overview

  • Dimensions: 61 mm x 48 mm ( 2.40” x 1.89” )
  • Connectors: 2 x Hirose 120pins fine pitch (0.5mm). Ref: FX8-120P-SV1.

ROHS compliant

  • Yes

Operating system

  • Linux 2.6.29 or higher

The boards are shipped with pre-installed U-Boot and Linux.

(*): optional, available only on demand for volumes (>500 pces)

For large volumes (5,000 boards or more) Armadeus systems is able to quickly optimize the APF27 into a custom design, and therefore offer a very interesting board unit price (up to 50% discount !!)
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Pre-compiled files

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