Embedded Linux electronics created by armadeus systems

armadeus systems develops and produces low-cost embedded Linux systems (Open Source) combining small size with low energy consumption and extended connectivity.

We offer an alternative to:

Industrial PCs (PC104)

Do you think that industrial PCs are too cumbersome, too heavy, too expensive, and using too much energy?
Integrate our electronic boards and optimize your system.

Proprietary solutions

Upgrades, file sharing, control, and configuration over the Internet – do you require fast access to these technologies at no risk?
Your embedded system, running with Linux, will integrate these standard features and many others...

Newcomer to the embedded Linux world?

We can help you:

No time to learn how to make a new design using Linux embedded?

You may be thinking that learning to use such a system might be too time-consuming.
With our expertise, you will be able to reach your goals and reduce your time-to-market. (See our services)

Would you like to optimize the design of your embedded system?

Do you wish to combine one of our microprocessor modules with your electronic system into a single board?
We can customdesign a complete new board for you. (See our electronic boards development services.)

The APF28, a small size & small price board for embedded Linux systems
The APF28: A small size & small price board for embedded Linux applications
News about embedded LINUX electronics

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Better than the Zynq based SBC, the APF6_SP module with i.MX6 processor (Cortex A9) and Cyclone V FPGA


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Download all source codes for our processor boards.


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